Making a Scene with Me

Without a doubt, scene building cards are my favorite to create! I think it is the writer in me. I feel like I can set a mood for the card receiver when I create a card with a scene. Pop up a card and add some mood colors and wha-la you have given a story to your loved one.

Adding deminsion to any card will bring a sense of depth, but in scene building you need to have more than pop up of deminson you really want to tell a story. I think successful scenes will hold a backdrop and a focal point and a sentiment that supports the story. One reason I chose the sets I did is they supported one another to complete a calm feeling. I chose my ink colors based on the feeling as well. More on that in an upcoming class. Color theory is very important as well in scene buliding cards. I will be going over that more later in a class I am creating for this type of card making.

I am working on creating a class for this card, but I think it will be video so I am still shooting the footage… I will update this post once it is available and as always,

Here is a sneak peek of whats to be covered!

Thanks for taking time to check out my journey! I am excited as this is my last level one assignment for the AECP ! WHOOO HOOO! More to be shared soon on this card as it will be coming soon as a class for you!!!

Excited for the future!

Erika Hayes

For me, it’s all about education. I am self-taught designer and artist. I made the choice to stay home and be a mom for almost 25 years and during that time, I studied graphic design, color theory and visual arts through online learning opportunities. I am a published artist and writer. I returned to college as an adult and studied American Sign Language, German and creative writing. I am a lifelong learner and love sharing what I learn with anyone with interest. Currently gaining certification in Adobe Illustrator. Soon to be AEC educator! YAY!

3 thoughts on “Making a Scene with Me

  1. Golda Peterson November 9, 2023 / 10:44 am

    As beautiful as this scene card is in the picture, it’s so much better in real life. Great job on this! It definitely gives that peaceful feeling.

  2. Erum Tasneem November 21, 2023 / 9:09 am


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