Ink a Dink a WHEW!

Ink Blending may be the greatest thing to come to stamping in a long time. It has been around for while and it has prompted all kinds of products and inking techniques.

Ink blending is a fast and beautiful way to add the wow factor to your cards. A few other techniques that you can see in this card include what is called resist inking where you heat emboss your stamp then ink over it,

This stamp from Altenew (Beautiful You) is fine lined and one way to add some umph to those kinds of stamps is to ink blend with a white resist. White pops off the card because well– its white and it will force it way to the forground where the darker a color gets, the more it likes to fade or receed to the background. That’s just a design concept to keep in your pocket. In this card, you can see even against the yellow (which is darker than white) the white makes its way to the forground, and moreso in the pink. In this case, I was able to pull the stamp lines out because of my color choices.

Altenew Blending brushes come in many sizes

Another little fun thing is that I wanted dots, in a class over at Altenew, I saw some Bokeh on a card and I loved how it looked, I didn’t really completely use this techinque but I did like the look of the spots so I went for it. Fun Fact. The Altenew blending brushes were just perfect size for what I wanted too! Take a look.

Take a look at the Project Sheet Class over in the shoppe for detailed instructions on how to recreate this card. You will also learn a few tips & trick on using vellum for your sentiment.

As you know I am all about the edcuation so you can not just replicate a card but can grow in confidence and soon be incorporating these techinques into your daily cardmaking.

Here is a code for you to get this class for free! INKADOOAECP

Here’s a sneak peek into the class–

2 thoughts on “Ink a Dink a WHEW!

  1. Golda Peterson November 9, 2023 / 10:52 am

    This is a fun card. Great use of color and the vellum is a beautiful touch.

  2. Erum Tasneem November 21, 2023 / 9:08 am

    Love the colours!

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