Making a Scene with Me

Without a doubt, scene building cards are my favorite to create! I think it is the writer in me. I feel like I can set a mood for the card receiver when I create a card with a scene. Pop up a card and add some mood colors and wha-la you have given a story to your loved one.

Adding deminsion to any card will bring a sense of depth, but in scene building you need to have more than pop up of deminson you really want to tell a story. I think successful scenes will hold a backdrop and a focal point and a sentiment that supports the story. One reason I chose the sets I did is they supported one another to complete a calm feeling. I chose my ink colors based on the feeling as well. More on that in an upcoming class. Color theory is very important as well in scene buliding cards. I will be going over that more later in a class I am creating for this type of card making.

I am working on creating a class for this card, but I think it will be video so I am still shooting the footage… I will update this post once it is available and as always,

Here is a sneak peek of whats to be covered!

Thanks for taking time to check out my journey! I am excited as this is my last level one assignment for the AECP ! WHOOO HOOO! More to be shared soon on this card as it will be coming soon as a class for you!!!

Excited for the future!

Erika Hayes

For me, it’s all about education. I am self-taught designer and artist. I made the choice to stay home and be a mom for almost 25 years and during that time, I studied graphic design, color theory and visual arts through online learning opportunities. I am a published artist and writer. I returned to college as an adult and studied American Sign Language, German and creative writing. I am a lifelong learner and love sharing what I learn with anyone with interest. Currently gaining certification in Adobe Illustrator. Soon to be AEC educator! YAY!

One last entry

I love clean and simple cards. An all white texture added with a pop of color makes me just happy. The inside of this card says ..This is you clinging to your youth.

This is the third and final category for the MFT Superstar 2023

Busy Day at TCD

Summer is in full swing! This hand-crafted card was a great combo of whimsy and elegance. Much like a summer garden party. The project sheet is also available in the resources tab if you would like to share this card with another.

A tip I wanted to share with you about this card is to be sure to add a very fine mist of water to the lush lagoon paper before you run it through the die cut machine. A second thought is about what is called bleeding off the edge. When you see a card like this, and the flowers are cut off but not full images that is called bleeding. It is a graphic design term that simply means that the entire portion of an image “bleeds” off the page. It is really a fun and effective way to add visual interest to your cards. Go on give it a shot.

The Craft Dash has been busy interviewing and getting a few new artists on board. Heidi McKeever will soon be adding her beautiful oil paintings to our store and writing about her experiences with painting.

I am always interested in adding more content. If you are interested in having your products added to our store, shoot me an email and we can talk about it. (erikahayes@thecraftdash) I am currently looking for a hand lettering artist to share products and education.

We are also looking for projects and ideas for our coming soon newsletter where we will be discussing current trends and ideas for our art.

This card is available for sale on the shop tab on this website as well as on our Etsy Store.

Again, thank you for your support as we build this site to create and educate!

The Craft Dash, a place for creating and educating artist of all levels!

Erika Hayes

Crafter her entire life, Erika spends hours creating every day. She loves the crafting community and all the humans that are a part of expressing themselves in creative ways. She has been lucky enough to work in the industry as a concept designer and is a multiple-time published artist. Encouraging crafters to take part in education to better their craft is her life goal.

“Practice makes progress, perfection is unattainable.”

JANUARY *CCC *Christmas Card Challenge & Goal Report

Well, as the end of January makes its way toward us, I wanted to share the first 10 of the 120 Christmas Cards for 2023. I put the main product used for each card in the caption. If you see something and want to know what it is, just shoot me an email and I can most likely give you the product name or where I picked it up. I keep pretty good notes in my Color My Life App.

I hope that you find some kind of inspiration from these cards, and know I am excited to show what’s in the mix for February. It’s kinda fun to know you can get out your Christmas goodies and play all year long. I have a lot of great ideas and am really excited to use some of the products I got this year more than just for a month!

Some other fun cards that went out this month include some birthday and and a few anniversaries. Of course some of my encouragement cards are going out tomorrow or the next day.

I completed a class from Sandy Allnock. The pen & ink class I started and didn’t finish is now done! Upcoming classes I am signed up for include, The Altenew/Spellbinders class in February and in March the Concord & 9th class. I am very excited for both of these classes. I have also several classes I have in the wings.

Some of the stuff I learned in Sandy’s class was amazing. I don’t want to share the techniques as it wouldn’t be fair to give away her content. I can tell you she has a way of teaching that is fun. You don’t really feel like you can do it wrong, or that you aren’t good enough. She really did give some great ideas and I enjoyed the class a lot! If you are interested, you can follow this link to the class I took. (It is NOT an affiliate link, I get nothing for sharing this class). As of the timing of this post, the class is at a discounted price so….check it out!

Feburary has some fun stuff I’ve made for Valentine’s day I will not share just yet.

100% Chance of fun

GOOD NEWS! I finally have my new computer! This is good news because I get to start playing with my videos. I am still learning the software and pray for your consideration while I learn and improve. Now onto our card for today!

I take a lot of classes. I love learning about my different mediums. One of the things about card making is I get these little canvases to try my newly aquired skills! This card is a combination of many of my classes and playing.

The background of this card has been built using several sets. I enjoy the masking and adding many different elements to create the one of a kind look. I loved this Whimsy Stamp set I ordered from Simon Says Stamps. Gnome Get Well (click image below to find it).

I also used Cathy Z Design for Simon Says Stamps and it was the actual inspiration. The 100% chance is what triggered my rainy day feel. Living in a state that sees very little rain, any chance to enjoy it (even if I am only creating it on a canvas) is a must!

I hope you like this card and get a little inspiration.

I really did enjoy making the rainy-day look. I hope to make a video with this technique for you very soon. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in seeing.

Have a wonderful day! I’ll be back soon!