About The Craft Dash

Meet Dash, the inspiration.

She is the inspiration behind the name of our little venture. Dash is a Service Dog for Erika (owner of the Craft Dash) She has been serving for almost 6 years now. It is her steady support that gave us the idea for the Craft Dash! A place to rest and know you will be encouraged and supported as an artist.

A Special note From Dash:

Please remember Service Dogs perform a service and really shouldn’t be pets in vests. It has been very hard for people to take me and my job seriously sometimes because I am a small service dog. The doctor that prescribed me to mom said it may be a hard road and he was right.

Most hoomans need support and help but I am a trained professional. Please, if you have a pet and you want them to be able to go with you into places where hoomans don’t usually see animals let them stay at home.

My job is already hard work, (as you can see from this pix mom took after a day out). Remember too we know your pet is your emotional support all pets are, but sometimes, they are the kind of support you need at home and maybe not in the stores and restaurants where I gotta work!

When untrained doggos are in public as Service Dogs or Professional Emotional Support animals it can confuse the hoomans.

Thanks for supporting mom and her fellow artist — it helps me get good yummy chickums treats.