Hero Arts does it again

There is no doubt that in the heat I am making more cards! The last release of Hero Arts monthly kit brought an adorable template (watermelon layering stencil SA250). Currently working on the detail Project Sheet for this fun card. Check out the video above for a sneak peak!

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Cooling off with Hero Arts

Fruity Friday

Friday was a long hot day here in Arizona. We got over 110 degrees. How do you beat the heat in Arizona? Stay inside and craft! This fun Hero Arts card was inspired by the yummy part of Summer. Bright, happy colors, fresh fruits, and delicious berries. I kept this one simple because that is how summer should be. Simple. It is part of the reason why people love this time of year. While outside activities happen in the desert happen after the sun goes down; it doesn’t stop us from enjoying summer too!

In Arizona, grapefruit are abundant. At almost every social gathering, at least one person will bring several bags of freshly harvested grapefruit, oranges, or lemons. When I was making this card, I made a color choice that was let’s say not great. My lemon slice was too bright, (we are talking put on those shades bright)! When I tried toning it down it went too honey. I thought I will just make a new one. Then realized I can make it a grapefruit. Not a common fruit for most people but it worked great! It also added as a blending step between the orange and the raspberries.

The Hero Arts My Monthly Hero kit has really been a great experience for me. I have found that the images and kit are new and fresh. I don’t love every one of the kits, but they stretch me to try new things. They have really helped me grow as a creator. This card may find its way to a YouTube video and I will keep you updated! If you are interested in the kits from Hero Arts you can find the subscription information here. (MMH Subscribe). There are two options both are great. I used the March Kit 2023 for this card and as of the writing of this post, there are a few still available. I love that Hero Arts makes the kits for sale not just through subscription. They cost a little more without the subscription but it is nice to be able to purchase individual kits.

I am adding this card to the store and am happy to make multiples if you are wanting to send out some sweet summery birthday greetings. Just let me know in the message box how many and we can talk about the price.

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Erika Hayes

Crafter her entire life, Erika spends hours creating every day. She loves the crafting community and all the humans that are a part of expressing themselves in creative ways. She has been lucky enough to work in the industry as a concept designer and is a multiple-time published artist. Encouraging crafters to take part in education to better their craft is her life goal.

“Practice makes progress, perfection is unattainable.”

Working hard

Hi ho everyone – I have been hard at work learning my new camera and some newer software to get my YouTube and other goodies at you. It just so happened I had a few hiccups. I actually think I may be getting closer and closer. I also got new software that allows me to add content for my blog and other social media on a better schedule. I am working on project sheets and hope to begin posting all this content soon. I want to be sure it’s perfect for you. I also just threw my iron in the fire for the Hero Arts Dream Team (well, they call it a design team.) As you know I am a hardcore Hero Arts lover! So many cute stamps. I want you to know all the work that content creators do is A LOT of work. I am shocked at how much I have had to learn. I am getting the camera out and the new video editing software I have is “professional” software and thus has some learning curve. However, never let it be said that I am not a curvy girl (haha). With all this fun news I am happy to now move on to the fun stuff….

Catching Up

Here are some of the recent cards from my Christmas Card Challenge… Don’t yo worry some of these will have project sheets. See one you want for sure, drop me a line I will make sure I get it moved up on the list. Here are a few. I will be working on getting the rest of the CCC 2023 photos done. Hope you enjoy. Let me know your favorite.

Erika Hayes

Crafter her entire life Erika spends hours creating every day. She loves the crafting community and all the humans that are a part of expressing themselves in creative ways. She has been lucky enough to work in the industry as a concept designer and is a multiple-time published artist. Encouraging crafters to take part in education to better their craft is her passion.

Practice Make PROGRESS! Never seek perfection

Erika Hayes

When your BFF is a cardist too!

It’s been a hot minute! I am working on some fun ideas but realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog.

My best friend is a cardist too! Which is amazing! We get to go to classes together and create together and that is really the best thing having that one person that GETS IT. We often text back and forth our completed or what I call mayday (those that are crashing and burning and need someone to help) cards because it’s nice to share with the person that gets it. She also gets all the other BFF stuff too! She is really one of my biggest supporters and encourager! I love her!

Anyway, when Christmas or Birthdays come around, it’s tough. I make her so many cards. However, once complete, I then decide they are not “Golda” worthy. I have stacks of cute cards, but I want them to be perfect for her. I also want them to be a “surprise”. I am so accustomed to sending a text with pictures of my card projects to her it kills me to make the one, then I can’t send it to her! UGH. This one was perfect for her. Simple but colorful. It fits her to a “T”. Well I waited to actually hand deliver her Christmas card this year because well, I had more fun with wax sealing my hand-delivered cards and was very happy when she finally got to see this project.

It is my Christmas blessing to be able to share my love of card making with her and know not only does she like getting my cards, but she really GETS them!

Here is a peek at the wax sealing of my hand-delivered cards. I got my monogram seal here and here is a great starter kit for wax sealing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you all.


100% Chance of fun

GOOD NEWS! I finally have my new computer! This is good news because I get to start playing with my videos. I am still learning the software and pray for your consideration while I learn and improve. Now onto our card for today!

I take a lot of classes. I love learning about my different mediums. One of the things about card making is I get these little canvases to try my newly aquired skills! This card is a combination of many of my classes and playing.

The background of this card has been built using several sets. I enjoy the masking and adding many different elements to create the one of a kind look. I loved this Whimsy Stamp set I ordered from Simon Says Stamps. Gnome Get Well (click image below to find it).

I also used Cathy Z Design for Simon Says Stamps and it was the actual inspiration. The 100% chance is what triggered my rainy day feel. Living in a state that sees very little rain, any chance to enjoy it (even if I am only creating it on a canvas) is a must!

I hope you like this card and get a little inspiration.

I really did enjoy making the rainy-day look. I hope to make a video with this technique for you very soon. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in seeing.

Have a wonderful day! I’ll be back soon!