The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

I took an online coloring class a few weeks ago at Online Card Classes. It was there I learned about Katthy Racoosin @kathyrac and her 30 day challenges. I decided to do this challenge which is simply 30 days of coloring for 15 minutes or more. Pick something and color, color it, and post it on the facebook page. It is to keep you nice and calm. Last night I began the challenge and wanted to share what I made. I suppose I will be behind as I usually do my creating at night.


I hope you enjoy the next thirty days of coloring. Feel free to leave any coloring tips in the comments!

One thought on “The 30 Day Coloring Challenge

  1. Golda March 4, 2020 / 12:55 am

    This is fantastic! Love that image and that you can color, no matter what.

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