New Year, New Cards, New Attitude

YEP! I am excited for 2020! I am seven days in and already I have a real positive vibe for the year. I am excited for the new systems in place at work, new craft room, new ideas and a full year with wonderful ideas and creativity.

I am always creating. Looking to be better at what I love. I am taking classes, learning and applying. I am always trying to stretch myself.

I have one flaw. I have loyalty issues. If I fall in love with a brand, I tend to stick with them and feel guilty about loving or using another brand. Well, I bet you know what brand it is I love and feel guilt over… Yeah, My Favorite Things. It’s not anything they have done, but my own brain wanting to give them my energy. Just like when I worked with Fun Stampers Journey or CK or any of those DTs I was on… Anyway, I don’t have to feel bad that I am expanding my stamp collection. I mean let’s be real I love them all!

I have begun sharing my creations with other companies and I still feel a little guilty but I am working really hard to not! I am not going to bail on the companies I love, I am just expanding my horizons! Here it is, some of my other Favorite companies. (In no particular order)

  1. Simon Says Stamps (brand) – I am finding I really love the many styles of this company.
  2. Stamping Bella – Okay, there is literally NOTHING I don’t like from this company. I have in just a few months purchased over 100 of her stamps. OH boy I am broken
  3. Clearly Besotted – Good night they speak to my heart. Cute stamps and simple designs

There are more, but I wanted to make this post not a novel. HAHAHA I will stop there. I will add a few pictures of some of the cards I have made recently like last week!

One thought on “New Year, New Cards, New Attitude

  1. Golda January 8, 2020 / 2:45 pm

    It’s always good to like lots of different brands. Many times you can use more than 1 brand on a card or project. Just go with what you like, which I know you do.
    Your cards are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing the beauty you create. Now, enjoy what you have and create lots.

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